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 october mat gvg report

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PostSubject: october mat gvg report   Mon 29 Oct - 16:14

1st match forfeit :d

2nd match against [Pal] on corupted island :

We played rawr build to handle the split, they played sin dancing dagger split with spike el/rt at the main team.
cauz our monk flag had no sod :d we have to defend our base with a lot of player Very Happy. so we have defend the base with 3 -4 player during all the match
and have loose only 2 footies and 2 archer, at vod during 3 people defended our lord our mainteam have easly rape them, then a monk have back to be sure our lord will survive and we have win the match at 21:30

3rd match delta formation on imperial :

we played rawr build they played american pressure, their monk was incredible good at handle our spike, and after 8 mins of match we had to stay in our base to survive, at vod we have been raped, an easy win to DF Razz

4th match [msi] on burning island :

they played sin split with ineptitude at the main team, during our blind bot and our monk flag have defended our base, we have raped them in their base, and kill all their npc, at vod easy win.

5th match [spnv] on frozen island :

ok a match i have not understand, they played sin split with el/rt spike at the main, during all the match they have pwn us, at the vod we had spank at 60% dp, and half of the team with 15-30% and we had like 4 archer less than them ....
but cauz they have make run their dervich and let us destroy all their npc we have easy win lol ... thx spnv

6th match [call] on wurms island :
we played ipod build, they playes sin split , we have begin the match by a 4/4 split what have surprised them, so we hve easy handle their split and kil their mainteam + npc + chain boost + win at 10 mins .

1/8 finals [msi] on uncharted island :
same match than the first one agaisn them, but easyer lol thx to msi who never change their build lol .

1/4 finals [DF] on corupted island :
mirror build , but they had a paragon/mesmer, and us a paragon/warior, they had a lod monk flag, and us a zb one , they had rc, and us sod ...

that's match was pretty gud, we feel like each team was near to die each mins, but quick they have push us in our base, but after they have aggro our footies, we have push them, and finely force a boost, but they have rape us another time :d and finelly at 18 mins we was in our base Very Happy
cauz they had a monk lod in flag we have split, what was a pretty good idea cauz they have back their only prot, and 2 monk heal at the main team haeve not handle our spike, but finely our split have die and 8 vs 5 have destroy us Very Happy gg to DF who was certainly the best team of this mat .
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october mat gvg report
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