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 Smarts Application

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MEGA NOOB [-60%]

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PostSubject: Smarts Application   Wed 24 Oct - 16:52

Required information:

- IGN: Smart Hates You

- Age:17


- Gender:Male


-GvG experience:I have played more than 2000 GvGs in Top 40-300.

-2.7k Fame
-Fierce Champion (89 cps)
-3.2 bf
Fav. profession(s):
My Fav. profession is Monk (lod/infuse) i love to play this char and i have a lot of exp. on monking.

-Guild History:
My first Guild was a pve Guild Razz
Then i joined Capita Cerberi a German GvG Guild after same months they go inaktive.
After this i go to I Vincere Aut Mori I we played Top 50 for a while than they disbanned.
After vaM i joined Breeze Of Peace [BoP] we played Top 90-200 on this Guild we played much split Builds.
Than i joined You Are All Alone [loRn] we played Top 40-100, now the Guild is disbanned becouse same good players gonna inaktive.

-Reason(s) for joining : Becouse vZ is a international good GvG Guild.

So far
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Smarts Application
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