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 Loki's App

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MEGA NOOB [-60%]

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PostSubject: Loki's App   Mon 1 Oct - 4:27

Name: Loki
ING: Loki At The Gin War
Age: 17
Grade: Currently on Senior Year In Highschool
Location: Ohio (United States)

Core Profession: LoD/infuse (monk)
-Can Also Play Frontline, But Most Experience As LoD-
Illustrious Hero (10)
Fierce Gladiator(2)
Legendary SpearMarshal(10)
Guardian Of Elona(1)
Guardian Of Cantha(1)
Protector Of Elona(1)
Protector Of Cantha(1)
Protector Of Tyria(1)
Legendary Skill Hunter(1)
Tyrian Elite Skill Hunter(1)
Canthan Elite Skill Hunter(1)
Elonian Elite Skill Hunter(1)
Bold Delver(5)
Devotee Of Wisdom(3)
Friend Of Luxons(2)
Slayer Of Beast(2)
Adept Treasure Hunter(2)
People Know Me (2)
Not To Smelly(1)
Canthan Pathfinder(70%)
Tyrian Exploreer(60%)
(Yeah I Got Alot Of PvE Titles Too =D!)

Previous Guilds:
Save The Dolyaks [NUKE] *Core Monk*
Gangstas In Da Hood [HooD] *Core Monk*
T H U N D E R C A T S [Hooo] *Core Monk*

Guested With:
Team Quitter [QQ] *Monk*
Team Quisitence[tQ] *Monk*
Ghostly Heroes *Monk*
Clan W A S D[WASD] *Monk*

Info: I'm More Then Happy to do all i can to make it on at requested times at which are required for guild/ play. Friendly Player...Known By Many In Heroes Ascent. Helps Anyone That Needs Help. I Live On Eastern Time. Usually Can Play From Times 3 untill w/e from Monday- thursday. Then Friday- I Have Much GvG Experience And Many Lower Ranked Guilds ive guested and or cored for . Thankyou ^^.
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PostSubject: Re: Loki's App   Mon 1 Oct - 16:47

pve titles is not real important lol ... and i don't see champ title Very Happy
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NOOB [-40%]

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PostSubject: Re: Loki's App   Fri 5 Oct - 2:27

-You're american
-You're not french
-You gave almost every word a capital.
Quote :
Known By Many In Heroes Ascent
= fail
-Your entire application sucks.

I'm sorry for being harsh but ive been dealing with applicants for over 2 years now.
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PostSubject: Re: Loki's App   

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Loki's App
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